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Understanding and improving your online presence

Today, the web plays an important role in our daily and professional lives, becoming an essential tool for business visibility.  

In a sector as vital as water, it's essential to master the web's codes if you want to stand out from the crowd.  

How visible are you online? Don't underestimate the importance of this question, because if you don't, your competitors will do it for you. We tell you all about it in this article. 



Background to the study 


In this constantly evolving digital environment, the ability to master the codes of the web is an imperative for any company aspiring to stand out from the crowd.  

Differentiation is becoming a necessity, and it is through an effective online presence that this distinction takes shape. 

The scope of the study covers a total of 1,551 companies listed on, 931 of which had their websites carefully studied and compared with 1,500 B2B companies in the Plezi database, a French software publisher and a recognised benchmark for its marketing automation tools. 

If you work in the water sector, your questions should be: am I visible on the web? How do I position myself in relation to my colleagues, competitors and customers?  

These are the questions that Plezi's analysis aims to answer, opening the way to strategic insights for players in the water sector.  

It's also worth mentioning our expertise in company classification, enabling you to make relevant comparisons with your competitors. 

How to be visible on the web? 

Did you know that around 50% of visits to a website come from search engines? 

This underlines the importance of analysing visibility on Google to assess a company's ability to attract customers online. 

To be fully visible on Google, it is essential to consider three fundamental pillars: 

  • Content: Every element on your site, whether it's product pages, blog articles or videos, offers an opportunity for referencing on Google. 

  • Popularity: The presence of links to your site from other sources on the web is a key factor. The more your site is referenced by others, the greater your online popularity. 

  • Technical: Beyond simple technical performance (speed, etc.), it is crucial to make your content easily accessible to Google's robots. 

It has become essential for any business to have a clear awareness of its position on the web.  

In a world where online visibility can make all the difference, understanding where you stand in the digital ecosystem is a necessity

Focus on the visibility of actors in the world of water on the web 

The analysis reveals significant gaps in the web visibility of players in the water sector.  

A majority of the companies listed on are below the average for French B2B SMEs in terms of popularity, keywords and traffic

  • Popularity analysis

62% of the companies surveyed have a level of popularity below the average for French B2B small businesses. Actions such as developing your network, communicating and organising events are needed to improve this situation. 

  • Keyword analysis

65% of companies have a below-average number of keywords, indicating insufficient investment in their website. 

  • Traffic analysis

The similar split between keywords and traffic indicates that priority should be given to content creation and communication rather than SEO. 


Presentation of the Media Network 


This article looks in depth at the web visibility of the directory. 

At the heart of this universe, the media is positioned as a strategic lever for players in the world of water. This directory is more than just a compilation of information.  

It is an essential tool, offering a quality platform for companies in the sector. has three key ambitions:

  1. Information and news portal: is an inexhaustible source of information on products and manufacturers for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater networks. 

  2. Web communication platform: This is also a space dedicated to online communication, where players in the world of water can share and promote their activities. 

  3. Networking tool: Finally, is a strategic networking tool, facilitating exchanges between the various players in the sector. 

Our team is committed to helping you develop, improve and optimise your digital communications. 

With our dual expertise in water networks and digital marketing, we offer strategic and operational services. 

  • Strategic thinking: We design and implement web tools, audits, strategic plans, landing pages, websites, etc. 

  • Content creation: We create original, high-quality content such as web pages, articles, white papers, web conferences and video reports. 

  • Content distribution and management: Our team distributes and manages content on the web, social networks and by e-mail. 


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