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Boost your web visibility: the power of backlinks !

In the digital world, web visibility is crucial to the success of a website.

Netlinking, also known as link building, is emerging as an essential strategy for boosting online presence.

In this article, we delve into the world of netlinking, exploring what it really is, the importance of backlinks, the advantages and disadvantages of netlinking and how HCA Consulting & Actions offers solutions through its visibility subscriptions



Understanding netlinking and backlinks

Netlinking is much more than a simple SEO technique.

It's a strategy that involves obtaining quality external links from other websites.

These links, commonly known as backlinks, are like virtual votes of confidence that indicate to search engines the value and relevance of a piece of content.

Backlinks vary from domain links, which come from an entire site, to page links, which point directly to a specific page.

The quality of backlinks is essential, as search engines assign greater value to links from credible and relevant sites.

The added value of links for referencing


There are many advantages to netlinking. Firstly, backlinks help to increase the authority of your site, a major factor in search engine rankings.

What's more, these links stimulate organic traffic by bringing users from other relevant sites to yours.

However, the challenges of netlinking should not be underestimated.

Poorly designed strategies can result in penalties from search engines, underlining the importance of an ethical and qualified approach.

Finding quality links takes time, research and perseverance.

A new SEO feature for 2024: the SGE


Faced with the remarkable success of ChatGPT and the integration of Bard into Bing, Google is obliged to react to avoid losing large numbers of users.

By completely transforming the way its search results are presented, thanks to Search Generative Experience (SGE).

This service offers the possibility of obtaining answers generated by artificial intelligence directly in search results, accelerating Google's transition from a simple search engine to an answer engine.

Already operational in certain regions of the United States, the service is due to be rolled out in France and Europe by 2024.


Diag Boost : Obtenez une analyse gratuite de votre stratégie digitale !

What does the SGE look like?

When you carry out a search using the Google SGE, a new window appears, containing various elements:

1. A clear, concise answer to the query;

2. Relevant visuals with links to specific sources;

3. The option of exploring the subject in greater depth via a chatbot.

What will the SGE change?

This really is a new Google on the horizon.

For users, it represents the opportunity to conduct searches through a more conversational assistant, capable of understanding and responding to queries in a more human way.

Very specific queries, such as "What's the ideal bike for a 10km commute on a slope?", will benefit from increasingly relevant personalised responses. So-called "long tail" queries will become increasingly important.

For website owners, the SGE will also mean major changes. Will traffic fall drastically? This is highly likely for editorial sites, forums and affiliation sites.

With this new intrusive display at the top of the results page, natural results will clearly lose visibility.

It is difficult, for the moment, to predict which types of queries will be affected. However, an initial trend highlighted by the study concerns expressions containing questions such as "what | why | where | when | how | which | what" and the comparative terms "better | worse", which are particularly affected.

The SGE will create losers, but also winners. The e-commerce sector is likely to benefit.

The products displayed will theoretically respond to very precise search intentions, thus improving their conversion rate.

How do you prepare?

It is still too early to define a clear method for appearing in Google's SGE. However, here are a few best practices to adopt now:

  1. Write content that answers users' questions directly and exhaustively;

  2. Provide an analysis or expert opinion on a subject;

  3. Use direct language;

  4. Divide content into clear sections and bulleted lists;

  5. Produce regularly updated content;

  6. Develop a real thematic authority on a subject;

  7. Look for expressions not covered by the SGE, particularly those that are shorter and do not contain questions.


Focus on visibility subscriptions


Getting quality links in a niche market like water network infrastructure can be a major challenge! That's where HCA Consulting & Actions can help, through its media dedicated to the world of water:

Visibility Subscription packages are designed not only to enable site visitors to find you, but also to simplify the process of allocating backlinks.


  • Standard subscription (0€): Ideal for those just starting out with their netlinking strategy, this subscription offers a basic presence with no initial cost.

  • Visibility Pack (€190): Access increased visibility by activating relevant links and strengthening your online presence. This option is suitable for those looking to intensify their strategy by publishing 3 articles that can link back to your website.

  • PV+ (390€) : The best of visibility subscriptions with access to Informative Cards included. This premium offer guarantees maximum visibility with the possibility of generating high-quality links via 6 articles, as well as unlimited publication of your job offers and events, propelling your site to the top of the search results.


Netlinking is a subtle art in the constantly evolving world of search engine optimisation. visibility subscriptions are essential tools, offering tailor-made solutions for conquering the challenges of netlinking.



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