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Our Services

Focused on infrastructure market, such as the drinking water network, HCA Consulting & Actions offers a wide range of services for all companies willing to benefit from the expertise, the experience and the network of contact of the 'HCA' team .


We are your partner and will support you in all aspects related to your business development and growth !

Sales force

Your product dedicated to network infrastructure is only waiting for customers to pick it up ? You are looking to build up a sales force in the market to rapidly growth your business?


We will support your sales development on a simple and straigthforward deal !

Export Development

Essential growth leverage for every companies in our world ever more globalized and connected, but nonetheless complex and complicated, your export development must be carefully managed.


Trust our experience and our international network of relationships to accelerate your access to international markets !


Market surveys

First sterp before any launch of a new product or service, market survey requires good knowledge of the industry.


Methodical and rigorous, we are able to help you to better understand the expectations and needs of your customers to ensure the best return on your investment.



Operational Marketing

From the creation of tools for sales to the organization of event-related to your business, you can count on our passion to lead projects in a professional manner !


Digital Strategy

Internet has become our daily life in a very short time, leaving no room for amateurism to maximize its potential.


We offer several solutions to create and implement your digital strategy, from the creation of your website in search engine optimization.


We are also proud to be partner with Plezi, an all-in-one Marketing Solution.


Whether hosting a conference or represent you in public meetings, we will be happy to accompany you and so you save valuable time to take care of your guests or be in 2 places at once while receiving a detailed report of the event !


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