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We would be proud to present projects and achievements for our clients, but above all, we want to guarantee and respect the confidentiality agreement that we always sign before starting our relationships.
However, you will find below examples of projects carried out for our own business development, which show you a range of expertise from the HCA Consulting & Actions team!
Lottery on Carrefour de l'Eau Rennes 2016

It was at the Carrefour de l'Eau in Rennes on 27 and 28 January 2016 that we officially announched the launch of HCA Consulting & Actions.

To do this, we took advantage of this fair to organize a lottery around a questionnaire in order to create a mini-buzz on us and to get a deeper understanding of the water market.

Online survey

How do you find out about our work? What is the right way to communicate?

Here are some questions that we asked ourselves before launching the website

This website is an news portal about products and manufacturers that operate in the water industry.


The website aim is to be able to give the most exhaustive and factual information possible on the actors of this industry.


The site regularly communicates with its subscribers on products and manufacturers by aggregating the news of this field of activity.

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