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[Press] Do you know what it's like to work as a sales agent in France?

This is the subject of the article in the UNAPL's Entreprise Libérale magazine, which features a portrait of the liberal profession by Arnaud HETEAU, "a sense contact in the DNA". 

A commercial agent is an independent representative responsible for negotiating and concluding contracts on behalf of producers, manufacturers, traders or other commercial agents. The commercial agent sector in France is dynamic and diversified, with around 100,000 professionals working in various fields. 

What are the figures? 

  • More than 80,000 commercial agents work in the property sector. 

  • The average age is 55

  • 80% are self-employed, while 20% choose company status. 

  • There is an even split between men (55%) and women (45%). 

What are their main tasks? 

Sales agents act as an outsourced sales force, working as agents for one or more principals. 

They are paid commission on the products/services they sell, and can recruit staff under certain conditions. 

What are the qualities of a sales agent? 

Sales power, skills, knowledge of the sector, organisation... Sales agents possess a range of qualities needed to excel in their profession. 

How do you become a sales agent? 

Although no specific diploma is required, most sales agents have some commercial training, acquired initially or on an ongoing basis. Solid sales experience is often essential for developing expertise and specialising. 

To practise, commercial agents must register with the Special Register of Commercial Agents (RSAC)

The CPFAC (the Chambre Professionnelle Francilienne des Agents Commerciaux) is one of the 12 regional chambers that make up the FNAC Francilian Professional Chamber of Commercial Agents, one of the oldest professional unions, founded in 1898... 

The FNAC Francilian Professional Chamber of Commercial Agents is one of the 69 member organisations of the UNAPL

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