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Developing your employer brand to attract, recruit and retain talent

Updated: 2 days ago

Employer branding has become an essential part of HR, but for some it is still a nebulous concept.

However employer branding is the key to attracting, recruiting and retaining the talent that will contribute to your company's success and growth.

Concrete impact and benefits of employer branding

According to a LinkedIn study, developing an effective employer branding strategy produces tangible results.

In fact, this approach significantly reduces recruitment costs, with a remarkable drop of 50%.

What's more, staff turnover has fallen by a remarkable 28%.

These figures highlight the direct influence of a well-constructed employer brand on the profitability and stability of a company's teams.

Understanding the fundamentals of employer branding

But what exactly is employer branding?

Although there is no precise definition in the dictionary, employer branding is based on three pillars:

- The employer's internal image (perception within teams).

- External reputation (the image of the company perceived from the outside).

- Employer identity: values and DNA.

In simple terms, it's your company's HR marketing!

Without realising it, your employer brand already exists. In fact, your company has probably already put in place various elements that contribute to its employer brand, even without being aware of it.

From HR policies to teleworking agreements, flexible working hours, celebrating successes with employees, setting up an onboarding or offboarding process, and promoting employee engagement, these are all part of it.

Hire the expertise of the team to enhance your employer brand

We are experts in managing internal communications, corporate culture and promoting organisational values.

We can support you whatever your level of advancement on the subject of employer branding.

Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate or an expert, our tailor-made offer will enable you to meet your objectives!

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